Pilot Program

The Teen Fitness Program was pilot tested at Venice High School in Los Angeles during the 2009/10 school year. It was facilitated by a sizeable grant from The California Endowment and was executed using the It’s All About the Ball Sports Conditioning Program’s proprietary protocols.

Pilot Program Specifics
8 week program included 127 teens. 
Participants included: 
Members of the girls & boys varsity and JV basketball teams
Members of the girls and boys soccer teams and non-student athletes 
Students who were overweight or obese
Students who had physical, mental, or emotional disabilities

Program Summary
Success was measured via:
Numerical and statistical measurements (both self-reported and coach-documented), 
Visually corroborative and anecdotal reporting (by participants and coaches), and
Photographic documentation. 

Specific areas of documented strength and conditioning benefits evidenced by students who completed the program’s pre & post Performance Profiles included:
89% improvement in upper body strength
90%improvement in trunk stability
89% improvement in lower body power
69% improvement in low body multi-directional movement 
72% improvement in power (side hops, squat jumps) 

Evaluations and analytics compiled by outside third party determined that the Teen Fitness Program was successful in meeting its objectives.

        Click Below on “Evaluation.pdf” to Read The Evaluation of “It’s All About the Ball” Program